3 unique ways Wasing are doing our bit for the environment

It is fair to say that we all know of the imminent need to amend, adapt and make small changes to the way we consume, travel and eat to ensure our planet and our home are protected in the future.

Whether you’ve stopped buying plastic bags at the supermarket, invested in reusable metal straws and a Keep Cup for your daily coffee or do your best to recycle as often as possible, there are many small ways in which we can all do our bit for the environment and to live more sustainably.

Here at Wasing, we are certainly no exception, and alongside recycling waste at the venue and in our offices, here are 3 unique ways we feel we are helping out!

Number One – Our Biomass Boiler

Back when the plans for an exciting new wedding and corporate venue (i.e. Wasing Park!) were being put into place, various green energy source heating systems were considered for the environmental benefits and potential economic savings too. It was agreed that a woodchip fuelled centralised boiler system would be the best option to provide heating and hot water for the buildings for the new venture.

A total of approximately 16,000sqft of buildings is heated by the system. The boiler burns woodchip produced on the estate from our own woodlands, and any wood produced is immediately replaced with new plantings. The wood being felled this year for the biomass boiler is from coppicing Alder growing along the river Enbourne. These are overgrown bankside trees that are excluding light from the river. We are coppicing every third tree as part of managed improvements to help increase biodiversity along the river; and the trees will grow back over time, so we have a win/win situation!

So while you are lying back in a hot bath in your copper tub, you can feel reassured that your hot water was heated by environmentally friendly means!

The Granary at Wasing Park onsite accommodation in Grade II listed buildings

Number Two – Vegetarian/Vegan and Estate to Plate menu

Here at Wasing, both the Wasing team and the on-site caters are committed to using the highest quality, local and fresh ingredients in our food and on all of our menus. The vegetarian and vegan menu is certainly not an after thought, rather a carefully curated and delicious selection of veggie delights. The Wasing team have put together gorgeous menus for smaller corporate events featuring drool worthy dishes such as our lemony raw beetroot and quinoa salad with dill and olives, or harissa cauliflower steak with caramelised onion puree, sage and capers.

If not everyone has made the transition to veggie or vegan, but are keen to eat as sustainably as possible, we can also offer our ‘estate to plate’ menu which features dishes using estate caught venison, crayfish and other produce, a really unique, exciting and environmentally friendly option.

Number Three – Organic Farm

If you haven’t heard the news already, we are very pleased that the farm here at Wasing is well and truly amidst its transition to organic, working with nature, rather than against it, eliminating the use of chemicals and producing livestock with high welfare standards. Our aim is to be able to produce crops and livestock organically here at Wasing that supplies directly to the venue! Watch this space!

cows form an integral part of Wasing Park's organic farming effort

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