Anna’s Retreats at Wasing

Anna was a Cambridge graduate and senior editor at The Mail on Sunday. 13 years later, she is the London-based ‘face of the new shamanism’ (Stylist magazine). Burn out led her to take a 3 month sabbatical to Peru, during which she met a shaman / medicine man who, despite her cynicism, cured her physical symptoms and then offered her the once in a lifetime opportunity to study the Andean shamanic traditions passed down orally in strict secrecy from shaman to student for 20,000 years.

Two years later, Anna took up his offer, and her journey is detailed in The Shaman In Stilettos, her memoir published by Penguin.  Today, Anna leads international retreats, workshops and one-on-one consults with her large portfolio of private and corporate clients, including banks such as UBS, Greenpeace, IWA. Combining ancient shamanic techniques with visualisation and a modern methodology that draw on principles of quantum physics to enable us to shift our thoughts and bust stress, Anna Hunt’s retreats enable her clients to handle the inevitable challenges that are part of daily life, and to access a sustainable and empowered inner peace.

Anna Hunt’s Retreats at Wasing

Detox the mental chatter, emotional overload and stress. Give yourself an injection of energy, health, creativity and confidence. Connect with your true, authentic self, away from peer pressure and the expectations of others, to identify who you really are and where you want to be going

Anna’s retreats combine visualisation with powerful energy work. We start with grounding visualisations (super easy and fun meditation that anyone can master) which enable us to deeply relax and become present, releasing concerns from the past or worries about the future.  Building on this, we move onto deeper visualisation exercises that enable us to tangibly connect with our intuition to problem solve and get to know our authentic selves. Energy work, using crystals and sound, enable us to effortless detox thoughts and emotions that hold us back, and over time create blocks that manifest both emotionally as fatigue, depression, feeling tense, irritable, and physically as tension headaches, back ache, stiff shoulders, IBS etc.

These retreats offer the opportunity to completely reboot and reconnect to calm, confidence and lasting inner peace. Fast.

These retreats are by invitation only, so if you’re interested, please email Anna’s PA, Sara, for further info: