Yoga Classes

Gentle yin/yang Yoga sequences combine slow flowing movements, basic asanas, breathing practices and mindfulness to help you feel grounded, calm and nourish your whole being.

This class is for you if:

  • You enjoy or feel the need to slow down
  • Want to experience Yoga as a meditative practice
  • You are new to Yoga and want to build a good foundation
  • Find other classes too hard or too fast for your level
  • Have an Injury that requires a more gentle approach
  • Want to build strength and gain flexibility
  • Want to support your wellbeing with an holistic practice

The classes take place every Tuesday and Thursday 9.30-10.45am at The Shed, Wasing Estate, Aldermaston. A six-week course is priced at £50 per person or pay as you go at £10 per class.

To book your space visit or call Carolina on 07492 578287.