The Call of the Wild Twin

6th – 8th November 2015

When did you first start to prize being ‘good, likeable and reliable’ above letting all your dimensions out to play – in a ferocious burst of creativity?

When did you become cautious and sensible when part of you wants to rush headlong into the gaping wolf-jaws of life and hang the consequences?

For most of us it starts happening at around 5 years old. And continues throughout our lives.

There’s a belief in old stories that we are all born with a ‘Wild Twin’ – who could be a glorious, shameless, swaggering pirate, running at life and devouring it. And sometimes we glimpse it in ourselves, but often put it away for another day.

This weekend course is an invitation, in fact a Summons – you are summoned to re-acquaint yourself with your Wild Twin.

Who is your Wild Twin?

We often encounter our Twin in the beauty and majesty of Nature, in Dance, Song and Creativity.

Dip a toe into the exploration – or dive in at the deep end – it’s up to you. And then incorporate your Wild Twin back into your life, however you wish.  Are you up for this Call to Adventure? It’s Time…


You will drum under the stars, hear stories, re-write your own story, laugh, dance, feast, hear the call of the wild – respond and explore what it means. You are in safe hands as you journey into your imagination.  ‘Creativity and Misrule within a Structure’ is our specialty.

Accommodation is in Home Farmhouse.  Ask for details if you prefer to camp!

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The weekend starts with a light supper at 7pm on Friday 6th November, we complete at 4pm Sunday 8th November.

Accommodation, breakfast and suppers included.  Please bring lunch for Saturday and Sunday.

Cost: £325.00

Special Offer: Bring a friend and save £30 each!

Contact Dawn Ellis to book and for more details

email: / mobile: 07889 654024



‘What an incredible weekend. Thank you everyone for your collective love, support and inspiration, I feel mentally de-cluttered and re-energised.’ 

Sally Kay – Reflexologist


‘I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the Wild Twin weekend. Having arrived with great trepidation and fear I found that I quickly dropped into being in the group and relaxed enough to let myself flow. Even better, I started to enjoy the flow. Haven’t experienced that for some time now. I have rediscovered a voice and strength ensnared in the bramble thickets, stuck in the muddy mire of my mind. My Wild Twin has come out to play, and play she will/is!’

Sarah Partridge, Orchard Barn Community Development


‘Tom and Dawn were very experienced and present and knew the various paths available to give us the best possible experience. They set up our adventure well on the Friday night. The Friday night story bonded us and the drumming set the scene.

The Wild Twin was new to me – so that was stimulating and enjoyable to see it unfold! Indeed, now 3 days later my imagination and stories are still coming to me… I so enjoyed the heroine characters and the boldness of it all. The feasting and revelries were right up my street. 

The venue is set in beautiful English countryside, wild, peaceful and spacious.’ Liz Calvert