‘Eventive’, environmentally friendly and socially responsible events at Wasing

As part of our drive to host more sustainable and socially responsible events we are now offering a number of carbon neutral activities to our customers.

Our events partner, Eventive, have a menu of carbon neutral activities including camp creation, outdoor cooking, treasure hunts and alternative musical workshops.

Our beautiful 4,000-acre estate featuring parkland, woodland and lakes lends itself perfectly to outdoor activities and in a bid to preserve our estate we are delighted to be able to offer these activities to corporate clients or anyone looking to have fun outdoors.

Get your team together for some Nomadic Camp Creation and build a Gypsy ‘Bender’ shelter campfire, before turning your hand to  Gourmet Bush Cooking providing lunch for your group.



An exciting, innovative and challenging team activity, the objective is to build a wooden gypsy ‘Bender’ similar to a yurt.

Director of Eventive, James Stone, says: “As well as being great fun this is a natural and effective team building activity.”

“It is also used as an intelligent or learning event with specific focus on team development, leadership development, the human side of project management, and as a kick start in changing brand values,” adds James, who says every participant has the opportunity to be hands on in terms of the construction and raising of the Bender.

With the popularity of outdoor cooking on the rise, guests will be introduced to the art of open fire cooking including preparing the fire and utensils, different methods of cooking and enjoying some unusual tasty global recipes.

Sip nettle tea while trying your hand at cooking up a variety of gourmet wild foods including rabbit and venison or make your own flatbreads, pizzas, kebabs and stews.



Other carbon neutral activities now available include the ever-popular Treasure Hunt which takes place around the fantastic grounds of the estate, and the traditional Team Challenge Event. 

Treasure hunts are created on a scatter hunt principle with each team having a specialised map with landmarks highlighted. A mixture of basic orienteering skills and common sense guides each team to a different location. The teams are also given a number of photographs, taken from unusual positions, from which they have to identify objects and their location.



A question sheet is provided with some cryptic clues, some general knowledge, photographic or investigative and these are used to build up points. In addition, various novelty items have to be found during the hunt to enhance their scores.

James says: “The clues are devised so that all levels of participants can achieve satisfying results.  Whilst competitive, this rewarding event makes an enjoyable break.

“We can tailor our treasure hunts for individual companies with branding, historical information, colours and personalities included in the hunt,” he adds.

Our colleagues at Eventive have also developed a series of army officer style training tasks for corporate activity days.

James explains participants still want to have fun although the overriding theme is to get them working together and appreciating each other’s strengths and development needs.

“Working with instructors from Sandhurst Military Academy we believe that we have devised modifications to the tasks to make them much less physical and a more fun brain-teasing activity”, says James, adding: “Each task will be staffed by an experienced instructor who will assess their performance and mark them for comparison with other teams if required. A light-hearted, to the point, de-brief will be given afterwards.”


Joshua Dugdale Wasing estate owner joining in with the drumming corporate event at Wasing Park Berkshire


For people looking for a more creative activity, the Drum and Rhythm Workshop is hugely enjoyable and provides and unusual take on team building.

The drum workshops specialise in team building, communication, creativity, relaxation, cooperation and is also really good fun.

James explains: “For years, in tribes and communities when people have come together the effects are more than just rhythm. Drumming brings together communities to celebrate, relieve stress, develop communication skills, to energise and encourage bonding.”


Drumming warm up at Wasing Park Berkshire team building activities for corporate events


Eventive have replaced fossil fuel based activities with battery-powered, renewable energy vehicles such as the Off Road Segways which still provide the thrills, without the environmental damage.


For further information on all corporate activities available at Wasing please email venue@wasing.co.uk



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