Yoga in the workplace – a free yoga class for corporate events

Free yoga class with all corporate events at Wasing Park*

In a bid to encourage others to improve their wellbeing, we are now offering free yoga sessions with all corporate events at Wasing Park booked between now and April 2019*.

Yoga is recognised to be very beneficial to mental health and can reduce muscle and back pain, a regular complaint of employee absences. The physical postures of yoga can help to keep the body supple and strong and maintain healthy joints.

Our very own Yoga and Wellbeing Teacher, Jill Watson, will lead the sessions.

We will concentrate on breathing and gentle yoga so it’s ideal for beginners and those who have done yoga before. Everyone is welcome and no previous yoga experience is necessary,” says Jill who believes yoga is good for everyone and can be particularly beneficial when used in the workplace.

Benefits of Yoga in the Workplace:

  • Lower heart rate and blood pressure
  • Break up the working day to give desk-bound bodies a boost
  • Increase stress-reducing hormones
  • Improve thought processes, attention span and listening
  • Yoga is a great way to connect with colleagues and improve team relationships
  • Yoga slows people down and helps reset the body and brain
  • Offering yoga practice at work makes it more accessible to all

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Jill says adding yoga and meditation in as a regular practice can have a positive influence on employees’ mental health.

It’s great that businesses are engaging with these visible conversations on stress and mental health, but they also need to remember it’s not a one-time or occasional thing we’re talking about,” says Jill, who adds: “It’s about becoming a more human business. As well as asking employees to be better resourced to deal with stress, workplaces need to look seriously at removing the causes of that stress and truly putting people before productivity.”

So whether you are looking to reduce stress in the workplace, encourage more creative thinking or improve team relationships remember to book you free yoga session with your next corporate booking with us.

Jill adds: “The practices are a wonderful counter to the fast pace working world, businesses generally don’t leave much reflection and recovery time.”

To listen to Jill’s journey with stress visit:

*Terms and conditions apply. Free yoga sessions are valid between 1st November 2018 and 30th April 2019 and can only been taken with 24-hour corporate bookings.

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